Strategy - quantifying your chance of success.

Fundamental to strategy after developing your “Vision” and “Where to Play” is determining “How to Win”. The first stage in determining "How to Win" is an evaluation of competitive strengths and weaknesses on what are the core drivers of marketplace success. Knowing that you can develop your "key strategic thrusts" that will enable you to win.

Then there are five critical but little known quantitative models and tests that need selectively applying to the key strategic thrusts in your plan as a necessary step to ensuring success. These are:

1) The Ehrenberg NBD and Dirichlet models of consumer buying and brand switching

2) The Parfitt Collins equation for building market share

3) Glen Urban’s order of entry model - for rollouts

4) The Bayes formula for innovation qualification

5) Long term Advertising sufficiency

Basing strategy on these models and tests has been responsible for some of the biggest successes in the consumer goods industry for example: – P&G’s renaissance has been as a result of the application of Parfitt Collins; Nestle's innovation success has resulted from the application of Glen Urban's model; L'Oréal's outstanding success in e-commerce in China a result of the NBD/ Dirichlet models; Mercado Libre has benefitted from advertising sufficiency.

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