Execution - the STaR Game

Ensuring success of market place activity

To grow faster than the market you have to gain market share. But your competitors are good - and it’s proven that competitor activity causes 90% of all share loss. Consultancies leave you with a beautifully crafted strategy on paper – but not a battle-hardened plan! Are your strategy, innovation and execution plans robust enough to deliver in the face of their capabilities, resources and likely actions?

It’s not enough to execute your strategy efficiently - for execution to be effective you must understand, out-think and out-manoeuvre your competition. Remember they too will be doing this...
Our STaR Game process (Strategy, Tactics and Response) starts with a fundamental review and identification of what drives success in the marketplace. We then get you to adopt the persona of the competition – identify their likely objective and the come up with the executional plans they will likely adopt to achieve their objectives.
We help you develop plans which at minimum will pre-empt or neutralise their actions or, best of all, leverage them to your advantage. We help you put in place a follow up process to ensure your plans are implemented and that you repeat the prediction and pre-emption process on an ongoing basis. Critical in this is leveraging the nuances of organisational dynamics - the process delivers alignment across functions and teams, all focused on beating the competition, a vital condition for success. No other consultancy does this.
Mike has personally run over 100 of these STaR Games to help deliver market beating performance against the toughest competitors in multiple categories and industries across Europe, Asia and the Americas.
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