Strategic alignment of innovation

It is often said that innovation is the lifeblood of a company. But a frequent complaint of senior management is that their innovation programme is not delivering the growth and margin progress they are looking for. Often the reason is that innovations are not aligned to the strategy the business has decided on. We show you how to ensure your innovation programme is aligned to your strategy, fits your business needs and beats the competition so you achieve your goals.

The process is simple in principle – but hard to deliver in practice... without help. We work with you to identify the key strategic thrusts that underpin your strategy – then determine which innovations are aligned to these thrusts and should be focused on and which should be discontinued. Often you will discover that one or two of your strategic thrusts have few or no innovations aligned to them - the objectives they are designed to deliver are unlikely to be achieved.

It’s important in all this to ensure that your competition have not already launched what your innovations are attempting to achieve – you will be surprised by just how often this can happen. For that you need outstanding competitor intelligence.

Without this strategic alignment it is likely your business will fail to achieve its objectives. Our approach has proven to deliver significant improvement in growth as well as margin to businesses. However delivering a rational evaluation and avoiding the “it’s my baby” syndrome is hard to do on your own! We can help you do this. Contact us now.